AL-KO ATC Trailer Control

ATC keeps the trailer safely on course!

  • Works with dangerous pendulum movements of the caravan.
  • First brake the caravan and stretch the team to the rear.
  • Brake until the electronics see the driving stability as uncritical.
  • Complements the stabilizing effect of an AKS ideally.
  • The ATC reacts before the trailer ESP (if present) intervenes.
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Single axle/tandem axle:

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  • 92727
  • M92724
Small evasive manoeuvres, side winds on bridges or wind pressure when overtaking trucks quickly...more
Small evasive manoeuvres, side winds on bridges or wind pressure when overtaking trucks quickly cause a trailer to roll. There is a great danger that the trailer will swing up and become uncontrollable.
With ATC your caravan will stay safely on track! It works ingeniously simple: Similar to the ESP system in a passenger car, the AL-KO ATC permanently monitors the driving behaviour of the trailer or caravan. In driving situations that cause the trailer to roll, the lateral acceleration sensors of the ATC control electronics detect the slightest lateral movement even before an ESP for trailers in the car can register the oscillating movement.
The ATC automatically brakes the trailer immediately. The driver feels almost nothing of the electronically controlled correction.
After a few seconds, the team drives safely again. The AL-KO ATC stabilisation system can be operated in addition to a trailer ESP in the car, which is offered by some car manufacturers.
The ATC is connected to the distribution box of the trailer and supplied there by the permanent plus of the 13-pin plug. Maintenance-free system. Ready for operation by self-check as soon as the plug is connected to the towing vehicle. Function status is indicated by green LED on the overrun device.

Available for AL-KO chassis single axle, at 500 - 1100 kg empty weight, and tandem axle, 1000 - 1600 kg. You will find the suitable variant in the table at the end of this page.
Numărul comenzii: 92725 92726 927261 92727 92728 92729 927294 927295 92724 927293
Single axle/tandem axle Single-axle Single-axle Single-axle Tandem Tandem Tandem Hobby single axle Hobby single axle Single-axle Hobby single axle
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